Christakis is told to be the Creature in the Prophecy who would try to slay the Guarder and bring down Camoria. Including anyone who stood in his way. Although he didn't know when the Guarder would come, he was always preparing with combat and armor practice.


Black skin, short black hair and beard, sharp teeth, black boney claws, big broken wings, black under hood, and green eyes under.




Changix: Using Changix Christakis can change his form to any male

Changix army: Christakis's Changix army make sure his enemy is never too positive to attack


Christakis seems to like the idea of trickery and illusion. This will lead him to the Guarder and Loris. He’s calm, suspicious, mysterious, strong, violent, bribing, and malefic. No matter who it is, Christakis will harm anyone if it means he can be number one. Besides this Christakis isn’t a bad Changix king. He gives his army health, patience, and doesn’t abuse them. In some occasions, he’d be considered more a father than a king. He named his Changix army and memorized their names. Then again he doesn’t state he’s their parent. Without them, he’s empire will fall so he has no choice. Christakis doesn’t seem to hold a grudge on Arte even though he changed him.


Christakis’s parents were murdered when he was an infant. Afterwards he was taken in the care of Phoenix and Blazer. In the time Phoenix showed more affection to him than Loris. Christakis was told to be a Being but not never questioned why he had to stay inside. Long after as a man Phoenix forbid him to be run for monarchy. Swirly secretly told her that Christakis would turn into the Creature no matter what. Loris bribed him to run off into the Changix nest, kill it, and bring back it's body. Only Loris plotted for them to eat or worse kill him. Christakis, learning he was a Changix, allied with them and later stole Prince Arte as a child and cursed him. King Blazer, Queen Phoenix, and Loris arrived and got him back. Christakis explained that in his blood will run the ambition of all his evil ancestors. Then Arte shall be killed, but not die. Arte will live internally with his sin. Christakis decided afterwards to become the Creature he was born to be. Alongside his army Christakis sought revenge.


  • Christakis hates to be compared to any bug especially wasps
  • Christakis’s nick name is Chris, old name Christel, and former name was Nympha
  • Christakis is named after the famous Nicholas A. Christakis. An American sociologist and physician
  • Christakis would've been a marring choice to Queen Tyrant if Modar was never created
  • Christakis had been lied to saying he was a deformed Being