Claire is a beautiful, smart, publicity-hating, teenager. She is told to be very attractive. According to Dogio. But the most important thing to her is friendship.


Red curly hair, light skin, pink ruffle blouse, white jeans, light pink lips, small nose, thin red eyebrows, and hazel eyes.


Claire is beautiful, funny, and friendly. She doesn’t care what others say, she’s happy to be her. That’s how she met her best friend Amber. Claire is the oldest and hates her siblings. So she doesn’t understand why her dad always sets her up with them. Claire has a zing toward Duke. Unfortunately, Dogio feels a zing for her.


Claire’s mother had disappeared with Duke’s parents. Her dad Penn adopted Reggie and Stella later on. Claire met Mabel, Rhonda, and Hannah shortly after. Years after Claire had more than 5 friends.

C.B.S High Episodes

Season 1

Travis the Tragic!

Claire sings Cafeteria Song.

A Perfect Day

Claire tries take Duke's place as the leader of the Gradua-ettes only resulting to failure.

Ms. Four-Eyes

Claire defends Amber when Travis tries to bully her in class. After class Claire introduces herself and invites Amber to sit with she and her friends at their lunch table. Next Claire congratulates Amber for her perfect score. Finally she is there when Amber confesses her fake Badge to the class then flees. Luckily, Claire and her friends pursue and comfort her - saying they liked her either way and they'll all still be friends.




Student Claire Steven

Cute claire

C.B.S High Appearance

Red curly hair, pink shirt, cobalt jeans, blue eyes, pink lips, and blush




  • Claire might end up zinging Duke
  • Claire looks a lot like Stella
  • Claire hates being a city girl
  • The name Claire is a Latin baby name. In Latin the meaning of the name Claire is: From the feminine form of the Latin adjective 'clarus' meaning bright or clear
  • Claire's dad does not approve of her having a zing




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