Cocoon is a self-absorbed Changix. His one ambition is to kill the Guarder. But Christakis forces him to do otherwise. Cocoon is second mate while Metamorphosis is first mate.


No nose, outward skull, two bulgy horns, hairy chest, muscular, skull belt, sharp armor, and draped skirt.


Cocoon is the aggravated second mate. Metamorphosis often annoys him about this making Cocoon angry. Cocoon seems to act more than think a lot. To prove himself Cocoon shows off in front of Christakis. Cocoon may hate kids, concluding he wants to kill a young Guarder.


Cocoon was created by Christakis along with the other Main Changix. As Christakis watches the Guarder, Cocoon tries to get him to kill the Guarder. Failing in the process and often shunned. Later Christakis assigns Ovum and Cocoon to scout the Guarder to assure his safety. Disguised as Beings, they go on the mission. When the Guarder sees them Cocoon sparks an idea to kill the Guarder at that moment. But with great anger, let him go.


Strength: Cocoon is extremely strong

Weaponry: Cocoon keeps weapons on him 24/7