I don't want to be the only person here without a father.
Dawn in unnamed novel.

Dawn is a highly standard Dēmiss. Supposing, he is the first born of his species. All through life, Dawn uncovers secrets of his species and past. But he's still uncertain the right place to be is with the Beings. Later on the series its revealed to the characters the he suffers from dissociative identity disorder.


Fire Power: Dawn has the power to make fire. Mostly when he is angry, it gets out of hand. The fire power makes him immuned to it as well.

Fire Men: Dawn created his own army of beasts made of fire known as the Fire Men.

Phoenix Wings: As a Phoenix Dawn has wings of one.

Emblem: Belief


Armageddon was born in Hellfire and shot down from the sky. He awoke in a volcano and grew strong. Then he created three Firemen. Soon there were hundreds created.

Later he melted his volcano into an eternal fiery island and made it their new home. Armageddon formed a dream that he was going to be the Guarder so the Beings would love him. But Swirly had already chosen Duke and a Fireman overheard the disguise of a torch. When it went back and told Armageddon he was furious.

So much so, he ordered all the Firemen to be his accomplices and named himself king. Later he attacked Syrus Island and killed almost every Siren there. Every since then Armageddon has done evil crimes stated in Equeria's villainous foe. Making new enemies just for a challenge, Armageddon was soon defeated by the last Guardians and was offered redemption. After realizing his sins, Armageddon accepted.

While brawling, the fire island was sunken down to the core of the planet—along with the Firemen—giving it the new name The Great Abyss. Armageddon too renamed himself as Dawn.


Black vest, grey jeans, hand bracelets to control his body burning, red eyes, pink lips, pale skin, pointy ears, pointy nose, red eyebrows, and fire-colored hair.



Companions & Minions

  • Duke - Brother in Bond
  • Butch - Brother in Bond
  • Barry - Brother in Bond
  • Andy - Brother in Bond
  • Scott - Brother in Bond
  • Lu - Brother in Bond
  • Claire - Friend/Love interest
  • Mabel - Ally
  • Hannah - Ally
  • Death - Minion
  • Burnt - Minion
  • Blazin' - Minion
  • Ammo - Minion
  • Scorch - Minion
  • Light - Minion
  • Lava - Friend
  • Holocaust - Apprentice



Dawn is a less of a hothead than his old self. But no matter what he is determined to turn over a new leaf and control his igniting.



  • Dawn or Don can be found at the back of Armaged-"don".
  • Dawn's mother was a phoenix as well.
  • Dawn's best friend is Duke. But Duke is also Armageddon's worst enemy.
  • Dawn and Armageddon are supposed to be Dawn's two side: Good and Bad.
  • Dawn doesn't have a zing. Armageddon seems to have an interest in Claire.

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