"Equeria's villainous foe" is the villain song of the youngest villain ever! In the song Armageddon sings of his past accomplishments. Unfortunately he wants an even bigger scheme ever time he thinks of one. In one scene, he is shown having an uncontrollable anger and doesn't like to be called a child but a man. Following how and why he murdered one of his henchmen.


Armageddon: From the mind that measures to Armageddon
The prince of the fire who permits all deaden

All many thefts like the Mount Norway bell
Such treacherous flames that send humans to hell
Here comes the real fire blaze
Dirty and mean as always

My earlier foes were good when they rose
But since their all down in the grave

An even badder boy and has been boiling deep in my devilish cave

Fire Men: Even badder?
You baddie
Worse than those innocent people you rived
You're the best knave who ever lived

You've yet tricks to show
Equeria's villainous foe

Armageddon: merci, merci. But it hasn't been rainbows and unicorns. I've had my share of defeat thanks to those demonic hotheads! The Phoenix!

Fire Men: Boooo!

Armageddon: For decades those merciless birdies have ruined my plans. And they haven't even considered forgiveness...

But the past is now the past. This time no one, not even Swirly, can stop me now.
All will kneel before my name!

Firemen: Armageddon
Your bad as can bid

Fire Troll: Armageddon's the world's fiendish kid!

Fire Men: (Gasp)

Armageddon: What was that?! What did you call me?!

Fire Wing: He didn't mean that Armageddon
It was just a play on words!

Armageddon: I am not a kid!

Fire Troll: Of course not! You're a man!

Fire Orge: Yeah! A man, all grown up!

Fire Wing: Uh-uh-uh, a big man...

Armageddon: Quiet! Oh, poor Trolly. Now you've gone and enraged me. You know what happens to those who enrage me...

I hope there will be no further interruptions. Now Fire men, as you were saying...?

Fire Men: Even hotter
He'll slaughter

No one can predict what's next in that mind
You're meaner than us combined

The rest all will know
Equeria's villainous foe!

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