"Fabulous Food!" is a bonus song about Piranha-Men wanting to feast on the Guardians Dawn, Duke, Barry, Butch, Lu, Scott, and Andy. This song was written to describe Piranha-Men.


Food, fabulous food
We're eager to try you
Four square meals to dine
Right out of the Bayou

Just vision a Being brunch
Fried on the menu
Oh food
Wonderful food
Glorious food
Heavenly food
Fabulous food!

Food, fabulous food
Stewed child à la mode
Fresh yum-yum subdued
Led right down the dine road
Just thinking of such good meals
Makes us want to brood

For food
Wonderful food
Glorious food
Heavenly food
Fabulous food!

Food, fabulous food
Stops all that of hunger
Baked, frozen, or brewed
Soon we'll be the monger
Run now you impulsive pests
If you stay long you'd
Be food
Wonderful food
Glorious food
Heavenly food

Beauteous food

Fabulous food!

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