"Fauna/Flora Have Feelings" is a economy song about how even nature have feelings just like humans do.


I live a stump where life takes you up and down
Above the trees one night
Gun shots were heard around
The hunters came close and surrounded my tree
Nothing left then
But broken homes and scared neighbors

Fauna have feelings, yeah
Fauna have feelings dude
Fauna have feelings
No one said to be so crude!

I live in the Earth with others to be my friends
Back then I was in love
But some tree-guys came and cut her down
They took her away from me
I wept and wept and wept
So one by one by one
All my friends disappeared but me

Flora have feelings, yeah
Flora have feelings dude
Flora have feelings

If you were them you'd be skewed
Not much they can do, they're glued
87 years Swirly
Put Minstrels in charge of guarding
The voices of the Sirens
To keep them from singing

Fauna have feelings and
Flora have feelings dude
Both groups have feelings
So why you gotta be rude?
Humans have feelings
They care for fauna/flora barely
Both groups have feelings
So treat'em all fairly or ask a death-wish
Flora have feelings
And Fauna have feelings
Like humans have feelings
Fauna have feelings
And Flora have feelings dude
Everyone has feelings
Know that the next time ya feud