"First Time Since Forever" is a wedding/villain/hero/heroine/sad song. The idea was originally going to be Christakis wanting to marry Spark but the concept was too similar to A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2. Now, thanks to edits--Lord Eclipse wants to marry Spark, Authen and Barry need to get to the wedding and save Spark, and a jealous Olinda wants to kill Spark.


[Lord Eclipse]
The curtains are ready
So am I
Every day since exile went by
I have been dreaming this day would arrive
For years I lived out the hemisphere
Searching for some way to get here
Finally I found my way inside!
They'll be Royals, Knights, servants, subjects
It'll be eyes on me
This moment will go down in history
Cause for the first time since forever
My appearance will transform
For the first time since forever
I'll be ruling all of Norm
Can't tell if you're Authen or not yet
But I think I'm getting close
Cause for the first time since forever…
I don't know friends from foes
[Authen]: Barry! It's me-- Authen!
[Barry]: Prove it.
[Authen]: I, uh . . . I hardly know you.
[Barry]: I can't believe it's you, Authen.
[Authen]: We must hurry. What if Arte marries Spark?!
[Lord Eclipse]
Tonight imagine me cape and crown
Standing beside my bride's ball gown
Her picture of magnificence is great
I suddenly see her standing there
Her beautiful finger strokes her hair
We must get to Spark before it's too late
Then they'll laugh and dance all evening
The bride will say her part
And then I'll slip a knife through her sweet heart
[Lord Eclipse]
For the first time since forever
My name will not be ignored
For the first time since forever
I will rule Norm as a Lord
And I know it's totally crazy
To think we'd reach Spark in time
But for the first time sine forever
At least we'll reach enzyme
Just let him in, put down your guard
Be the true love you've always dreamed you are
Don't show, let go
Put on a wed
Make one wrong move and each guest will have fled
But it only lasts a day
[Lord Eclipse]
It only lasts a day
Tomorrow it'll go away
Tomorrow it'll go away
[Lord Eclipse]
Tell the bride her groom is on…his way
Our way
[Lord Eclipse]
For the first time since forever
Don't let him in, keep up your guard
I get what I've been waiting for
See the faker that he's lead up to par
[Lord Eclipse]
A chance to earn my true respect
Success is now ensured
Can't slow, must go
Before the wed
I know we have till to tomorrow
So the princess dies to today
[Lord Eclipse]
Not for the first time since forever
For the first time since forever!
No one's in my way
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