In Equery

In Equery, the forces are just studies. By which help them in their future and future education.

Example: The Study of Wavery would teach the student the advantages of water.

In Equeria

Sirenusis: Having related abilities to siren
Acidic: To spit acid out your mouth
Hydrotation: Teleporting yourself through water
Liquidouse: Forming drops of water to build up giant ones
Liquidate: Suck water out of an object to make giant bubbles
Chlorricane: To make watery hurricanes
Tsunamic: Controlling tsunamis in any way
Wateresse: To form water into any kind of creature and you
Rainilix: Absorbance of rain; shooting it out of your mouth
Wavery: Shout waves through hands, feet, and throat
Merinessus: Can control and communicate with any animal in water

Aura: Absorbing clouds into fog
Windra: Blowing wind out your mouth
Cirrus: Floating on any cloud
Whisperis: To whisper ones fear into their head
Echoen: Echo a terrible buzzing sound through ones ears
Vocalis: To use voice to control one’s head
Earingades: To hear from miles away
Rainbowus: To form, create, shape, and use rainbows any way

Vocalize: To shout sound waves
Hypnotesus: To use your voice to hypnotize others
Karaoke: To steal others voices as your own
Armageddon: To repeat time over
Clockacus: To travel through time
Possesion: To possess objects and souls

Crackakis: To break ones heart
Heartbeat: To move one’s body by their heart
Zingerat: To cheek and ammediately give their force to you
Dezire: To make ones heart rought into something ugly
Ambitionlis: To argue amoungst each other for the effection of you
Heartache: To stop someone's heart

Electron: To power something using lightning
Icesolice: To freeze anything
Frozix: To make cold elements into formed creatures
Snowilis: To make snowflakes/snow
Boltous: Using lightning bolts for whatever use
Sonix: To have lightning speed and ability
Katrina: To cause hurricanes to hover you, blow things and people, absorb or push others power away
Thunderexis: Creating thunder booms with your hands
Haleo: Blasts hale out the palm of your hand

Anonymous: Know exactly what you’re thinking; feel your presence
Headache: making one’s mind bend
Sightix: See into the future, the mind, and their thoughts
Blindix: To blind your enemy
Emotionil: Play with one’s feelings

Changix: Able to change your form

Sunix: Having the ability of the sun/Royalty needed
Effulgence: Having the power to control radiance/shine or glow

Inferno: Developing fire sources into your own
Phoenix: Having wings of the Phoenix
Mantle: Creating lava of use to your will
Tempter: To catch fire when angry

Flora: Growth of plant life
Naturence: The power to talk to flora
Earthling: Someone who controls the earth surface
Fauna: Able to talk to fauna
Forma: Able to form any animal
Herbage: Able to possess flora
Seasoul: Control the ocean plants with your movement
Coring: To raise anything inside the earth’s core

Crystalize: To form crystals through anything
Invisibility: To be unseen
Shielden: Shield whoever you wish with an energy field
Golden: To turn anything golden
Camouflage: To camouflage in backgrounds
Metality: To turn metal
Razar: To have spikes come out your body
Sizo: To be able to change size

Defiance: Defying gravity
Agilitance: Gives you agility times 4 of your normal abilities
Cometel: Turn into a giant comet
Stretchis: To stretch all your body up to unlimited heights

Force Sources/Dirt
Forcen: Power to make force fields
Plasm: Shooting Plasma
Filthos: To gather filth in figures

Starus: To move the stars in a certain place
Moonelisa: To have abilities to control the moon/Royalty needed
Darkness: To make something dark and shadowy
Shadowlis: To form darkness into shadows
Fearalaur: To turn one’s fear into a bluish figure

Brainias: To be with the smartest of brains
Nexus: Be joined by all technology, chips, codes, etc.
Actovin: To travel through technology
Technology: To bring technology to life

Shields: A (normally iron made) blocker
Swords: Handles with sharps (normally long) blades
Staffs: Long wooden sticks sometimes with sharp edges
Bamboo: Sticks strapped to your legs with a stick to hold for balance
Arrow: A bow with a sharp-tipped stick
Axe: A long wooden stick with a sharp wide plade
Nunchucks: Two chained sticks
Sais: Three-spike knife
Ropes: Has hard heavy balls at the bottom; throwable
Wands: Can generate energy and release as ammo

Prankster: To use tricks of amusement as weapons
Trixster: To use tricks, words, illusions, and manipulation on your enemies
Candi: To make candy figures
Bon: To use candy as weapons
Imagist: To imagine any object impossible and nonexistent suddenly come true for a medium period of time
Flogies: To make squishy bouncy balls. Some may stick

Guardress: To use Anonymous, black force, removence of the body, shove of one’s powers, read minds, and levitate things