"Giant Lady Love" is a song featured in Big Mac Attack. It is performed by Barry and Scott.


Scott': You have such a great zingling Barry. Boy, I'd do anything to feel a zing for a female.
Barry: Well I'm glad you asked me

How do know when you've a zing
Well you came to the right guy
A zing is like a roller coaster
So much love that you can't defy

Zings make you feel all heavenly
Sweet-hearted, yet proven
Just like a--7,000 foot giant
That's invading every human

Scott: A giant?
Barry: Duh...

But you're not an evil giant
You're a giant searching for zing
But there's not a lot giantesses on Earth to zing

So you dig up the entire planet and finally you find your zinger
Then you and you're zinger go on a date
And despite wreckage of state
She's your zing

Trust me that's exactly how it feels to have a zing

Then you and you're zinger swiftly flee to a Zing-In-Training-Love Bay
As you do you both dance oddly yet you don't care what your friends say
Then once your zingers fam come to loathe you
You retreat in your taxi
And you solemnly hug
While you share from a mug
Cause her parents aren't ready to accept that you're her love
That's how you feel when you've a zing
Chorus: Find yourself a lover to zing
Barry: Tis how you act when you feel zing
Scott: Um, I still don't understand
Barry: Okay, let me put it another way

Imagine you're a mermen who's pale with floppy gills
And you're eager to find a zinger to zing
But Atlantis is a giant place and all the mergirls you know have been taken
So in order to increase you're options
You re-emerge to watch the sunset come
Not a lot of fish in the sea for just one love
Suddenly you see a cruise-ship and is caught inside it's fish net
You're raised and you see a Being girl sharing a zing between you
Her cheeks blush, you rub it then she releases you on the cruise
Her best friend, he gets envious and kills you with Crackakis then you die
Chorus: Kills you with Crackakis then you die
Barry: Watch out for the cronies when you zing

Scott: Thanks for the advice, B.
Barry: That's why I'm here

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