Boarding School of Camoria

  • Loris: Principal
  • Gala: Dons
  • Guardians: Graduates
  • Arte: Administrator
  • Spark: Forewoman
  • Authen: Chairman
  • Olinda: Counselor
  • Students: Others
  • Swirly: Headmistress
  • Royals: Teachers
  • Phoenix: Student Government
  • Chefs: Cooks
  • Servants: Janitors
  • Knights: Hall Monitors
  • Butlers: Assistants
  • Emblem: Badges
  • Force: Studies

Boarding School of Changix

  • Tyrant: Vice-dean
  • Christakis: Dean/Critic
  • Syclops: The prize pupils/Syborgs
  • Students: Changix


Christakis is now Critic. An evil judge destined to defeat the Graduates. The Graduates are a group of students who must use their skills to out beat the Critic. But the only one who can is the Grader. A student so impressive and great that not even the Graduates from the past combined can beat him. But is he worthy to defeat the Critic.

Dimension visit

Idget accidently falls into the pool and ends up in the opposite pool in front of Camoria Boarding School. When he enters he encounters all his friends as merely students. Since he's new in the original Camoria he's new there. So Idget starts to remind them who they are and where they came from. But they, in being polite, deny it gently. But in time he even meets the enemies of Camoria at Changix Boarding School.