Because My Cuz

Barry asks his cousin, Idget, to visit him. Once there Barry suggests they go swimming at a lake first as written on his to-do list. When Barry forgets the goggles he runs to buy some. The Syclops hear and mischievously push Idget in the water. Suddenly Idget starts plunging through a weird tunnel. He then appears at the other side of the lake.

An Unplanned Fall

Idget comes up from the water and sees a school in front of him. He enters and is guided by Administrator Arte. Idget is new in Equeria and didn't know the Prince version of Arte yet. With that, he didn't know Equery Arte. Idget goes to his homeroom and meets the Equery version of the gang---the Graduates.


  • C.B.S
  • Equeria
  • Equery


PG: For creatures and terms