Hannah is a side character and helper of the Guardians. Her friends are Claire and Mabel.


Hannah is silly and addicted to Butch. She is always eating and pumped up.


Flamingo Off-One-Shoulder Tank Top, flower necklace, brown eyes, light brown hair, blush cheeks, and icebreaker boreal hat.


Hannah and her family travel all the time. Hannah befriended Mabel and Claire in New World City. So much so, her parents let her stay in the city with her uncle.




  • Hannah means favor or grace.



Room 908
Hannah: Ptsss. Ptsss. I said, "Ptsss!"
Butch: Quite, Hannah. Can't you see I'm trying to ignore you?
The Kitchen
Hannah: [jumps up and down excitedly] What can I do? What can I do?
Butch: [talks on phone, ignores Hannah, walks a few feet away] Yeah, Barry. I said don't touch the fireplace...don't blame me if you got a injury...oh, that's just 'Anna'...are you sure her name's Hannah...fine. [holds phone call] What is it Hani?
Hannah: I said, "What can I do!"
Butch: Uh-- I don't know. Go-- Go stir something. [gets back on the phone] Uh-huh...uh-huh. [holds phone call] Oh, and while your at it fix me some chocolate cookies. [gets back on phone] Uh?...Okay. [holds phone call] And some for Barry, too.

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