"Hotsome Like Me?" is a father and son song.

Dawn gets confused about whether or not he should leave with his dad, Chthonic and become a prince. Slowly, Chthonic bribes Dawn to "split quick".


Should I win, should I lose?
I don't know whatta choose

Is it good, is it bad?
All the things I have had
Tell me what to do...

I was once like you my son
Shameful to my clan
Idolized my father, too
Thought I was a man

But I put feelings away
Instead I used my voice
I think it's bout time you learned
Your dashing old man choice

Don't you wanna be hotsome like me?
Why'd you wanna be lax?!
Don't you wanna be strongly ambitious and fiery to the max?
If yes, then forget the past cause it's over and done
Now your future has arrived at last making you number one
Don't you wanna be spicy, hot, and fumed?
For if you stay a Guardian in short: your life is doomed

As a teen I too suffered from horribly dirty pain
Tried to act heroic but guilt was all my gain
But I just want what's best for you, I want you to be loud
Promise me you'll show your stuff and make your papa proud


I'll try...


Don't you wanna be hotsome like me?
Don't you wanna be sour
Don't you wanna be hot and skilled in power?
Once you show your heat I trust you'll earn the family name
Who doesn't want a Demise prince without a flock of flame
Don't you wanna have humidity, strength, and fuel?
Just because your stayin cold doesn't mean your cool

You do not belong here, child
I think I can convince
You're an heir, this banal world
Is no place for a prince

Master of the Inferno
Ruler of the Wrong
Arma, hear me
Help me
Join me
Won't you sing along

Chthonic and Dawn:
Oh, we're gonna be hotsome it's true
Not a fire we'll lack

And we'll be lustrous!

Please, lustrous? That's wack
We're just an hour away from taking back obit
Soon, merely you and me, are gonna be quick to split
Father and son be one eternally
So thank your witty mom
You were born the scion of
An expeditious king like me!

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