King Blazer is the first male of the Phoenix, husband of Queen Phoenix, and father of three 1/2 sons. Unfortunately he died on the day of his son's birth.


King Blazer likes to talk things out more than war or punishments. That's why he chose to talk to Loris rather than punish him. Blazer's sweet, patient, kind, and fatherly.


King Blazer was seen in the movie Before the Phoenix. As it shows he falls in love with Queen Phoenix and end their family feud. Their first son was adopted (Christakis), then Phoenix had her first born son Loris. He was nicknamed Son of the Phoenix for being the first born. When Loris had problems with Christakis or at all Blazer would have talks with him. Years past when Christakis had turned. The night Arte was taken he had been badly injured in battle. He took one last look at his last son before he died.






Long beard, silver eyes, long hair, pointy nose, and thick eyebrows


  • King Blazer was named after a blaze and a certain kind of tux wear
  • King Blazer's inspiration was Aslan from Narnia
  • Loris may seem very similar to King Blazer
  • King Blazer is king while Loris is Lord. This is because their character, obedience, and abilities are based on what rank they'll get in royalty