King Cobra is an antagonist of the Guardians. After living an abusive life he dedicated his life to helping all species win their dreams. With a precious cost of course.


King Cobra seems to be generous but manipulative. When he saw a young snake getting beaten by bullies he killed the bullies with no price. But after awhile he became cocky of his talent and started charging people for their wishes.


Snake Bite: Gives Cobra the ability to bite his victim. A virus spreads from his fangs and turn his victim into Pythors.

Snake Body: Using his snake body Cobra has the ability to move like a snake.

Snake ability: Snake ability gives Cobra the power to hiss, camouflage, move, and fight like a snake.


As a prince Cobra was abused by his older brother. When he tried to warn his mother, his brother lied saying Cobra was stealing from him. Believing the brother, Cobra then abused by his mother. His father was a busy king and didn't care much for his family. His father was also greedy and loved money more than anything. Then Cobra's mother told her husband of Cobra's misbehavior. They agreed to sell him for more money for their battle armor. So one night they sold him to a man and never saw him again.

After decades his monarchy was announced. So he ran away and became king. Unfortunately no one would side with Cobra. They had all heard of his backstory. Until the boy who Cobra saved told the subjects what Cobra did for him. Suddenly most people changed their minds. Finally everyone had sided with their new king.

Cobra had decided to make a new occupation to the kingdom called The Soul Process. In it every soul who wanted freedom would visit him. For a price of course, Cobra would grant their wish. But if they don't pay in two days he'll take back their wish and turn them into his slaves.


A cobra suit, two twin snakes, red eyes, a cobra-like cape, and a long slithery body.




  • King Cobra is very similar to Ursula
  • King Cobra is the only villain who has ever been generous and fair to his kingdom yet selfish and cocky
  • King Cobra is the first married villain
  • King Cobra seems to get his love for wealth from his father. Although Cobra has a more fair way of earning it.