Erebus is the exiled princess of the Royals and now Lady of the Shadow Clan. Unfortunately, she is also stubborn and too determined. She'll do anything for her dream, even lose her Emblem.


Erebus believes that darkness is immortality. So she’ll do anything to prove that to everyone and become immortal. She’s ambitious, evil, dark, lonely, by-polar, and easily ticked. She also has an affection to Loris.


As a child she and Loris were best friends. At puberty, Erebus overheard she and Loris's parents talk about an arranged marriage for their children. Erebus then tried so hard to make Loris sing her. But she always failed. Once Pani came along Loris felt a zing for her. Raged, Erebus stole her dad's spells and tried to make a zinging spell for Loris. Her father found out and banished her. This evil act caused her to lose both her Emblem and Force. In Erebus's new home (a cave) she used her stolen potions to make a new species called Shadows. Although it was more like a clan and wasn't enough Shadows to make a species. So now she hunts another Emblem to steal and win Loris's love.


Magenta hair, golden crown, purple/gold/grey clothing, and white skin.






  • Erebus’s name means evil spirit.
  • Erebus now carries a grudge for her father.
  • Erebus still likes Loris.
  • Erebus lost both her Emblem and Force.
  • Erebus and Queen Tyrant have a lot in common:

Both are evil

Both have a relationship with Loris

Both names have negative meanings

Both have a small number of henchmen

Both are female

  • Erebus's villain song is Friends on another side on Parodies Wiki.


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