"Like Other Guys" is about how the final Guardians really feel. They all want to have a chance to be normal again.

It started when the Royals sat down and talked with the Guardians about Vacay-day. Since this generation of Guardians was final the Royals cancelled this holiday on it's due-day. The Guardians and Loris protested to continue the holiday. But the Royals stuck to their decision. The Guardian felt they weren't treated fairly and fled the room to The Antilock. There they sing how much they want to be normal again.


Duke: The life of Guardians
Grant the tasks they've been allot
It's their duty to serve others
Fill the faults the Creature sought
We guard the lives of our allies
Friends, foes, families and fore
Who could ever wish for more?!

Lu: Who could ever wish for...
Scott: Who could ever wish for...
All: More?

I wanna be like other guys!
Just disagree like other guys can
He and Barry:
Just to me like other guys...!
Get to be

Guys, stop!

Butch: To fart when I sit
Barry: To suck on my thumb
Scott: Feel the sun on my face
Butch: Go frenzy!
Barry: Act nutty!
Scott: Say anything I want to say!
Lu: Swirl about...
Barry: Without wearing shirts!

All: To walk in slo-mo
Butch: Throw out these bracelets
Barry: To sleep with my toys!
Andy: Get wild!
Scott: And kooky!

Butch: No missions!
Barry: No guarding
Andy: No labor!
Lu: No worries
Scott: No chin up!
Dawn: Or back straight!
All: Like books are on my head
Duke: No armored boots?!

All: We wanna be like other guys
Sleep in a tree like other guys can
Just to be me like other guys
Get to be!

Duke: To pick my career
Barry: To sneak out at night
All: Zing the girl of my dreams
Who thinks I'm a knight

No missions
No guarding
No labor
No worries
No chin up or back straight
All: Like books are on my head
No armored boots!

We wanna be like other guys
We wanna see what other guys see
Just to be me like other guuuuuys
Get to be!