Lora is the queen of the Serpent Empire and second wife of King Cobra. She is known for her beauty and sensitiveness. Like the time she helped the Guardians release Legendarius to figure out the location of the Prophecy.


Lora is the beautiful, lovable, sweet, merciful, and generous wife of King Cobra. Unfortunately she only married Cobra for his royal status. She claims it to be the worst mistake in her whole life.


Lora was born into a family of royalty. But they were low on money, giving Lora the idea to marry Cobra. Although her family didn't approve of her idea she did it anyway. After the marriage her family refused to take the money. Leaving her as the wife and somewhat slave girl of Cobra.


Snake body, silver eyes, whip, and shirt




Snake Bite: With the snake bite, Lora can bite her victim and put a virus in their blood. The virus swarms, making the victim a Pythor.

Snake Body: Using her snake body Lora has the ability to move like a snake.

Snake ability: Snake ability gives Lora the power to hiss, camouflage, move, and fight like a snake.


  • Lora is similar to Pani:

Both are like slaves to their accomplices

Both had problems with marriage with their family

Both have very attractive statuses

  • Lora is named after a beautiful snake
  • Lora is similar to Victoria on Corpse Bride:

Both have money problems with their family and suggest marriage to solve it

Both seem pretty and sweet

  • Lora is also similar to Emily on Corpse Bride:

Both have eloped despite their family's words

Both later hate their grooms

Both help their grooms enemies defeat him

  • Lora and Naja don't like each other