Megan is the Pixie and best friend of Mabel. Both love clothes, styles, sports, drawing, family, snapshots, and shopping. Together their an awing team.


Earmuffs, blue eyes, long wavy hair, black jacket, hoodie shirt underneath, wings, see-through side skirt, jeans, and boots with puffs on top.


Megan found Mabel as an infant. Megan taught Mabel how to drawn, sew, and selfie. By the time Mabel was 36 she could draw perfectly.


Megan is exactly like Mabel. Though sometimes Mabel gets stressed and confused. When she does Megan is always there to direct Mabel's path. Her best friends beside Mabel are Hailey and Cathy.




Flight: Megan can fly

Smallness: Being small gives Megan the gift to slip through small places

Camouflage: Like Mabel, Megan can blind in with her background.



  • Megan is how old Mabel is in human age
  • Megan (also spelled Meghan, Meagen, Meagan, Meaghan etc.) is a Welsh female name, originally a pet form of Meg or Meggie, which is itself a short form of Margaret. Megan is one of the most popular Welsh names in England and Wales, commonly truncated to Meg.
  • Megan was originally gonna be named Madeline