You'll have Children. Lined from me.
— Modar promising to see Tyrant again, then dying

Modar is an imprisoned Bull of Vankila, Alpine. He fell in love with Tyrant and they shared a zing. Suddenly, they became Zinglings. Sadly, he wouldn't be around to propagate with her.


Modar is forgiving and strong-hearted. He is also well-balanced, kind, patient, nurturing, and believing of that all dreams have power. Consisting he had hope for his freedom.


Modar was accused of a crime he didn't do. According to his story, that is. In Vankila Jail he met Tyrant and they zinged. After awhile Modar got an idea to escape and asked Tyrant to come and start anew with him. She agreed, but Modar made her promise if he took her with him Tyrant would forgive the past first. When they tried to make a run for it, a Rockwell guard alerted the Beings who rushed Knights over. When they arrived, they blew the bridge up, causing Tyrant and Modar to fall. With his strength, Modar launched Tyrant on a cliff. Tyrant climbed down only to see Modar crushed in the rubble. Just before he died he said his last words:

"Modar? Will you forget me in the afterlife."

"Me? Forget my zing? You? Never."

"What will I do without you?"

"You'll have children. Lined from me."




  • Strength: Although Modar has smaller muscle he is still strong
  • Smartness: Modar is a great planner and thinker


Small horns, brown fur, minotaur design, unbuttoned jeans, tiny muscles, pierced ears, small eyes, and small black nose


  • Modar has a similar death to Bruton from Disney's Dinosaur
  • Modar's crime is unknown
  • Modar saving Tyrant was like Shang saving Mulan on Mulan II
  • The bridge escape was inspired from Kung Fu Panda when Tai Lung was escaping from prison
  • Modar, in the Bull culture, would be considered weak. This may be a reason for Modar's imprisonment
  • Before Modar died, his words meant either:

We'll have children together someday


Have children Tyrant and be happy

  • Tyrant later build a statue of him in her lair
  • If Modar hadn't have been created, Tyrant would zing Christakis