You're gonna love it here kids. Mountebank is a real crack-up.'
Trickster introducing Mountebank to the stolen children.


High, rocky, snowy, trees outside, and grey and white

Role in Film

Mountebank played a medium role in Royally Ever After. It is the evil lair of Trickster and his goons. There, they secretly plot to destroy the Royals and HungKung Forest.

It's first seen when Princess Hale is gazing at the beautiful view. Next when Trickster and his goons exit the lair to steal children. Then at their return and finally in the ending when it's blown up.


Mountebank's inspiration was a lair with modern taste but not too visible. It's main inspiration is Boingo's cave. Only Boingo's cave is much more modern and has cable karts.



  • A zip line from the peak of the mountain to the bomb site
  • A bit of snow to blind in with the season
  • An escape helicopter painted green and yellow


  • Technology
  • A cradle of bombs
  • Portraits of Trickster as king
  • A harlequin pattern on the floor
  • Rocky carving in the wall


  • Mountebank means a person who deceives others, especially in order to trick them out of their money; a charlatan.