Nether normally tries to goad females into giving him what he wants. He is lady-killer and manipulator. Out of the whole group, Nether has the most common-sense. He knows when something is sarcastic, real, or fake. His is a rouge bad-boy and mostly attractive to females. He is fast, stealthy, tricky, mischievous, handsome, and realistic.


Spiked hair, blue eyes, thin eyebrows, hair flopped over one eye, jacket, ear pierce, and long neck.


Nether and his tribe were having a tradition celebration on Vocal Island. Everyone was happy until sparks lit the sky. Everyone thought they were fireworks. Then a meteor blasted down from the sky. Then another until they were coming down everywhere. Their Island was destroyed and burnt mercilessly in flames. Dogio, Nathan, Sonnet, and Nether escaped to the ocean. Then a demise (Dee-miss) hovered to the seaside in front of them. He stared at them and a meteor hit in the ocean and exploded. They swam undersea but came up at sunset and everything was burnt in ashes. But the flames left with the demise. The brothers found their parents bodies and called for the Phoenix to save them. But the Phoenix never came. The after 7 days they finally left. They grew up as hoodlums on the land. Years passed until they heard about the box of Biological Endurance of Siren Tradition or B.E.S.T. They decided that they would go steal it and win their vocals back. They sadly failed and were banished to the sea again by the Royals. Later on they met Tyrant and sought revenge.


Breathing: Nether can breathe under/over water
Speed: Nether is the fastest of the Syclops
Manipulation: Nether can manipulate other into doing what he wishes




  • Nether and Butch are enemies.
  • Nether means lower in position.
  • Nether is the second oldest.
  • Nether was born two seconds after Dogio.
  • Nether has a mythical siren motorcycle.