Not one of us is a song sung after Dawn was seen trying to attack Duke. When the messenger gave the note to Loris everyone was furious. When Dawn returned no one would approve of him. So Loris, Prince Arte, Duke, Spark, and Prince Authen declared Dawn to go back to his homeland. For is he ever returned, they'll offer no mercy.


Beings: He tricked us, he lied
Fire as clear as the Demise inside

He tricked us
(You liar)

He lied
(Pure fire)

And for awhile we played his game
Thought as him as our own kind
He asked for trouble the moment he came
But now we aren't so blind

Prince Authen: You demon
Spark: (Yeah)

Prince Authen: You beast
Spark: (Yeah)

Beings: Monster, a tyrant
A scoundrel at least

We trusted you
We cared
And you repay us by being impaired

Loris: He'll live
He'll regret

Arte: But we won't forgive
We will never forget

Guardians: He tricked us, he lied
We thought we'd redeem him and before we tried

Can't love him
Or believe him
What's of him
Can't leave him

Duke: My brother
My friend
I thought till I discovered
It was all pretend
Now I am not so blind

Beings: So run now, off plaque
Pack all your bags and never come back

For if you do no mercy you shall get and thus....!

You're not one of us