Olinda is the Oddless princess and admirer of Lord Eclipse


Olinda is a n odd, tricky, never-to-trust Oddless. All through her life she has watched Prince Arte, carrying a zing for him. With this in mind she is on any side he is on. But no matter what Olibda cannot be predicted nor trusted.


Olinda and her twin brother Ira are the same age making the era decision difficult for their parents. Later on they finally agreed to crown Ira. Olinda, jealous, ran away and saw Arte. Olinda felt a zing but he didn't. When Arte was exiled she did every she could to get him back.


Black hair, blue vivid dress, blue eyes, beige skin, small nose, and thin lips


Oddless Abilities: Gives Olinda the advantage to jump, speak, and move like an Oddless.

Invisibility: Olinda can disappear and appear as she pleases.

Manipulation: Olinda can manipulate and trick her victims.

Dream Hallucination: Olinda can sneak into other species' dreams and cause bad and oddness.

Royal Status: Olinda, being a princess and next heir, has some power of royalty.


  • Olinda is aware of her oddness
  • Olinda blames Loris 100% for Arte's exile
  • Olinda is somewhat by-polar
  • Olinda might zing Arte when he returns
  • Olinda shares a remarkable resemblance to Harley Quinn