"Out in the woods" is a song sung by Olinda as a bonus song.


The flora is always better
If you ask me folks, I know
As long as you're fast and clever
Then you're gonna feel right at home

I'm offering you a great solution
Just look at this spotless grass
In the fair world there's pollution
And on every floor there's trash

Out in the woods
Out in the woods
Here there's no gleaner
Cause everything's cleaner
Here we've got goods

In the city they watch T.V shows
Wear puffy furs and old wrinkly clothes
While we're enjoying
Sights and exploring
Out in the woods

Way below the trunks are jolly
Atop the leaves are great
In the city the folks eat holly
With a gallon of spice on their plate

But the flora are oh so lucky
Compared to the fauna that rouse
Instead they beat, mock, and starve thee
And chain'em up to their house

Out in the woods
Out in the woods
No one is beated
Everyone's treated
Better than hoods

Still we woodsmen don't give no scours
They stay on their and we stay on ours
That's why flora's in grounds
And fauna make bounds
Out in the woods (out in the woods)
Out in the woods (out in the woods)

God blessed us with luck
While humans are stuck
Out of the woods
Their out of the woods

Out in the woods
(Out in the woods)
Out in the woods
(Out in the woods)
Where there are no rules
No parents or schools
As idyll should
(Idyll should)

You best take a look at what you got here
We're filled with fun, they're filled with fear
Now in my eyes
That's Paradise
Out in the woods

Each one step you take
Is all what you make
Out in the woods!

So next time you go on a vacation or trip
Remember to take an insider clip
At all that surround you
Before you hit curfew
And leave the woods
So savor your time
Enjoy it cause I'm
Out in the woods!