Beings sing this song to be jolly and to lift their spirits in bad moments. Inspired from Hello Dolly.


Out there, tis a world beyond all worries
Way out there's an improved community
Where good's opportunity

Out there, this involvement on adventure
There even the most elder can sprout hair
Wonders out there

Put on your travel clothes there's lots of awe out there
Pop on your freshly baked and groomed-ish feasts
We're bound to find some treasure each and everywhere
Girls and boys, their all filled with joys and just as all little kids should

Put on your rings and bows cause trips are waiting out
Give or take about a bunch at least
We'll rent a car
At old Papa's bar
And then take it out for a whirl
And we won't return until we zing a girl

Gulp down your 7ups just to be energized
Get ready for adventure that a fool would miss
The newest and amazing technic stylized
All through the towns
They'll be ups and downs
But as long as we stay on coarse

Up, down the driven cups of all the worlds to meet
Cannot you see us now waving with bliss
We'll buy a house
Through a silver blouse
With a ladder, rope, but no cloy
And we won't return until we zing a boy

Upon the great outdoors lies an array of hope
With not a spot of despair in the sky
We'll sure come home
Where our family roam
In a day or two around spring
And when we come back we'll come back with a zing