Pani is a Beast and the sister of the Queen Tyrant. After her parents death she and Tyrant travelled Equeria in search of shelter and found it on Sirus Island. But later on she finds there's more to life than evil.


Magenta eyes, brown hair, light tan skin, star necklace given to her by Loris, sometimes a houdie, a black corset, a black dress, and black flowered gloves.




Pani has never had her own visual personality. She basically followed Tyrant's. But in her diary she longed to learn more about her parents. She seems to be curious, caring, gentle, a bashful, and kinda rogue. She also liked having dreams, like being a princess.


Pani grew up on Sirus Island and longed to have her parents back. In the time, Tyrant taught her some sorcery. Then they went around urging every species to start a war against their foes. The Beings, however, hated war.

So they headed there to start up one till they gave in. Although at their arrival, she and Loris zinged. Tyrant, unaware, followed her plot and tried to urge the Royals to start a war but failed. Loris gave a necklace one day and admitted his love for her with a proposal.

Swirly met up with her and warned her of she and Tyrant's plot. Pani and Swirly slowly gained a small friendship. Pani went and told Tyrant that she was to be married. Tyrant forbid her to go and took her necklace. Pani went anyway and got poisoned at her espousal.


Beast Strength: Gives Pani the power to lift big items.

Potions and Spells: Gives Pani the talent to mix and use potions and spells as she pleases.


  • Pani is similar to Aurora:

Both ran away from their female associates to males

Both were big dreamers

Both wear hoodies

Both have curly long hair

Both wear similar dress styles

  • Pani and Loris never did finish their espousal
  • Pani didn't seem to mind Loris as a being although what Tyrant said about them
  • Pani is a lot like Mal from Descendants:

Both have family members that try to control their future

Both were sent to a certain place to trick a certain region

Both regions they trick have harmed their family in the past

Both aren't as evil as they want to be

Both try to be like their family members

Both fall in love with an era and later are scoffed by their family

Both later redeem themselves

Both kinda befriend a wise-teacher. Mal-Fairy God Mother. Pani-Swirly

Both later betray their family member and be with their true love