A Pixie is a little person who follows their Beings wherever they go. The two species are attached to each other. The Pixie makes sure to guard, raise, protect, and keep the Being out of trouble.

Pixie Evolvement

  • A Pixie starts as mushrooms. The females' heads are in the dirt and their dresses are the mushroom tops. The males are feet first into the ground with the top mushrooms as their hats. If the males want they can remove their hats.
  • Then they sprout out the ground and find their Being as an infant. Once they have, the Pixie and Being feel an instant bond. Together they share lives and take care of each other.
  • They grow up together until the Being starts to forget about their Pixie. Then Being ignores and eventually not sees the Pixie. This phase is called Chimetime Soon after the Pixie's soul fades into little sparks. Then he the sparks reunite after a journey on another far planet. There, they live there lives immortally.

Being Connection

The Pixie and Being are BFFs until Chimetime. So whatever the Being gets the Pixie gets too. The Pixie's purpose is to keep its Being out of trouble anyway it can.


  • Their Beings
  • Whatever their Being likes


  • Whatever their Being dislikes
  • Being abandoned by their Beings


  • Planet Pixel
  • Wherever the Being lives


  • Whatever the Being eats


  • Flight
  • Smallness


  • Smallness


  • Fairies
  • Griffons
  • Amour