"Poor Unfortunate Souls" is performed and inspired by King Cobra. It was made to explain the Soul Process; how it is used. As an example a boy comes to Cobra looking for love and adorableness. So Cobra, fair king he is, grants it.


King Cobra:
I'll agree that all my life I've been a bad seed
That's why they call me wizard, robber, cruel, and thief
But of punishment I see I've been a bad baddy
Thus I've changed, twirled the tide, and turned the leaf (And, yes)

I have unintentionally practiced magic
My own problem solving. Passed the years I've used
And of dark magic I chose
To mark my spell on those who are devastated, gloomy, and abused (They wonder)

Poor Unfortunate souls. Through tears, through force
Jumbo wanting to find love and Boney longs for youth again
But do they find it? But of course

You poor Unfortunate souls. Have glum, want glam
Each come swimming to my lair begging "Oh, Cobra PLEASE!
Call me kind sir, and I am

Though they had a bigger lost
Cause not one could pay the cost
So I had to wash the magic down the hole
Yes, it was a naughty price. But in the end I'm ever so nice
To those Poor Unfortunate souls...!

You'll have your face, your flowing hair. And don't underestimate the power of muscle movement. Ha!

The pretty girls don't think much of a fatty
They say a guy with layers has no guts
Besides that it's quite a pun for gentlemen to hold our tongue
Or is it just our orders that makes girls go nuts

C'mon, they do not give to chats and certain gossips
The only cow they'd pick is with a man's
Other words just give them bore and after all that they want more
Only dumb-bells and fools would take the chance

C'mon you Poor Unfortunate soul! You know you want to, make the deal
I have lots of others waiting and my schedule's really tight
You won't lose much just your meal

You Poor Unfortunate soul. You're sad, yet true
If you think you've got the lucky hand you first must may the toll
Think of air, and land, and her don't you wanna sign the scroll
(Naja, Lora now we've got him girls)
This wizard's on a role
You Poor-Un-Fortunate-soul!