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"Poor Unfortunate Souls (Reprise)" is the shorter version of Poor Unfortunate Souls.


It so happens your young students signed a contract
Too bad the price could not be paid
So is it takable? Oh, no!
Unbreakable? Quite, though...
It's possible that we could make a trade

Indeed, we could arrange a sort of mortal option
Give up your royal life to their conclaves
Have your signature written
Or have you're prize pupils bitten
And taken to my palace as my slaves

So now you poor unfortunate soul
You're done! I win!

Now the kingdom of Msomi
Will crumble at my tail
Blame yourself, you wretch! You owe me!
Now my monarch shall set sail

And Pythors will be immortal
Cobra is in control

Taste defeat and agony
You poor unfortunate souls!