We must stay noble to our ancestors. Even if that mean you have none.
— Quoted by Authen


Authen is honest and caring. Sometimes he’s willing to lie just to have a friend’s back. At times he can get a bit too caring and be more protective. Every once in a while he might yell but mostly he’s entirely calm. Authen also has the ability to use bad to make good. Like he said to the Gala when they were getting a bit out of hand.


Brown eyes, dirty brown hair and sideburns, black eyebrows, beauty mole, pink lips, thin nose, beige skin, black shirt and brown vest





Voice Like

Santino Fontana (like Hans)


There’s not much to say about Authen’s past. He was an underborn when Swirly found him her apple tree. When she got him down she searched for his parents. Unfortunately he had none. So he was given to Loris to raise as a nephew/apprentice. After finding out that the Guarder would live with him he was excited. But once he met his sister Spark, Authen knew what zing felt like. Unfortunately, Spark barely noticed him. Then he heard that Spark wanted to train. He gave up his training practice for her and she promised to zing him at 126.


  • Authen at one point imagined he was the Guarder
  • Authen calls Swirly Mama
  • Authen thinks humans are just aliens from another world
  • Authen also once had thought he would be lord as heir of Loris
  • Authen is the nephew or apprentice of Loris
  • Authen is a Underborn