Prince Authen is the reprise of Prince Authen (Song) and version Prince Ali (reprise). King Christakis has stolen the Enchantment Rings from Msomi and using them to turn everything dark and shadow-like. Now thinking he's won, Christakis tells everyone about Prince Authen being an Underborne.


Christakis: Oh Sparky, there's someone I'm dying for you meet.

Authen: Christakis! Leave her alone!

Christakis(singing): Prince Authen, tell me again how you're so precious
Hold your seats tight as he greets his secret sin

Yes it's a shame of the truth
No wonder he lost his couth
Introducing the mighty Prince Authen!
Wasp: Or should we say Authen the Underborne!

Spark: Authen!?
Authen: Spark, I'm so sorry. I thought you loved me so much that you wouldn't mi-

Christakis: So Authen all that he's been is but a no one
Such implore, need I say more? Now it's open
His undermining desire grants me his total empire

And send him out on a distant jaunt
Far off the coast of my heavily want
His warm heart gelid the power I dwell rid
The dawn of the era and gen!

Ovum: Adieu! Later!

Christakis: Farewell!
To Prince Authen!