"Prince Authen" is a parody of Prince Ali and original of Prince Authen (Reprise). It is the introduction of Prince Authen the "nephew" of Loris. Prince Authen arrives as the monarch of Stalwart. The song explains his power, greatness, and positive outcomes to wow the kingdoms.


Knights: Gather round it's Prince Authen!
Bow down for Prince Authen!

Chief: Now fresh out of mesh with a royal flare
Hey man, give a hand it's a whole new heir
Oh folks when I say this it I mean it's true

Hear-yee give a warn
Bang drums, blow the horn
I hereby introduce you to...

Prince Authen, greatness from shin, nephew of Loris

All: (Gasp)!

Chief: Gentlemen, don't be so sin
Bow if you please

Now try your best to be cool
Wipe up your saliva and drool
And smile and wave to predict your chances of ease

Prince Authen beauty within nephew of Loris
Weighs or stake pieces of cake least is 12 men

He fought in the war of the fives
A million troops armed with knives
The one who ended their lives---was Prince Authen

He's got 4,008 silver toilets
He's got chairs as far as the eye can see
Great with gifts so much the crowd is voiceless

And all totaled up...think you know? Nup!
One billion and forty-three!

Prince Authen pale on the skin nephew of Loris
Girls: How I wish Authen was my Mr.
How he's such a kidder, lover, bestir
Chief: Such good-looks also he cooks! It's a win-win!
Girls: God, my soul's about leave my body
Every single detail on him is so in styles
Chief: Well c'mon out don't be meek
Girls: He's a charmer, he's a champ, he's embody
Chief: I'm just your guide of mystique
Girls: And I positively love the way he smiles
Chief: To glare and goggle and peek

At Prince Authen!

All: He's got 500,010 credit unions
He's got cushiony beds thick and thin
He's got sidekicks, accomplices, and students

Bow to his prime, stay overtime, zeal to his chime
No one wouldn't pay a billion
To be Authen, Prince Authen

Prince Authen glorious chin nephew of Loris
Chief: Heard he's in line for this throne and urged to begin
And that's the reason good folks
He stashed his wealth and gave host

To 70 animals in every kinds
20 hot tubs, 15 goldmines
At least 50 rugs, over 60 mugs
Each in order and twin
All hale to Prince Au-then!