Queen Phoenix was the first female Phoenix and second member besides King Blazer. After her husband died she committed suicide and fell out a window. Leaving her sons alone.


Queen Phoenix had a great personality. She was shy, nice, polite, enthusiastic, and charming. Although she likes to be at home with her sons and husband she loves to explore the world. She's responsible, protective of her sons, and somewhat curious.


Phoenix's back story is stated in Before the Phoenix. Afterwards she adopted Christakis and had Loris. When Phoenix asked Swirly if Christakis could run for monarchy. Swirly rejected it and explained Christakis is going to become The Creature soon. So Phoenix forbid Christakis to run. Later on he ran away and took her last born Prince Arte. She, Loris, Swirly, and King Blazer. That night Arte was cursed and Blazer was injured badly. She sat on his deathbed and talked to him. He requested to see Arte and slowly died. Two days after he had died she jumped off a window and died.




Yellow eyes, long blonde hair, pale skin, and sparkly dress.




  • Queen Phoenix's suicide is similar to Mrs. Pepper on Gotham. Except Loris took it harder and King Blazer never abused her
  • The Phoenix was named after Queen Phoenix
  • Queen Phoenix favored Christakis and also committed suicide because of loss of him
  • Queen Phoenix's inspiration was the Phoenix Bird. Both inspire beauty and fire.