Rhonda is an outcast of everything she does. So much so, it doesn't bother her and she like it. She is dark, punk, weird, lonesome, and odd.


Beanie, bracelet, ring, long black hair, white shirt, pale skin, and pacifier necklace.


Rhonda Red doesn't say much about her past. All she says is she has a secret.

Episodes in C.B.S High

Ms. Four-Eyes

Rhonda get suspicious when the girls befriends Amber and believes her fake Badge. Next she watches as the others congratulate Amber on her perfect score. Finally she appears when Amber flees after confessing her fake Badge. Rhomda and the girls pursue her and aid her with comfort.




Claire is Rhonda's best friend and only understanding companion.


  • Rhonda Red is a pun of Ronda Rousey and Little Red Riding Hood
  • Rhonda is similar to Janice Avery.
    • Both are outsiders
    • Both make true friends in the end
  • Rhonda means spear; good


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