Sister Flare is a made-up song. It tells how Claire and Stella explaining their passion and connection between the unrelated sisters.


Starting as sisters, I can see
We have so much good company
Together if you befriend me
We make WE!
So we’re different in some ways
No matter what phase we may face
Know that you’re the fondue on my glaze
You’re my ACE!
Sometimes we have parades
Other times it rains
But when it does we’ll just find a way through the maze
Unite us we are strong
When we get along
If it comes to a tie we’ll say we both were wrong
Shield each other with care
It’s just our sister flare

(Instrumental Bridge)

Getting at each other is super natural
But sister hood and opposites makes it gradual
Which is why arguing is totes casual
We are one, number one
We are two, what a two
We are two, never three
It’s just you, you and me
You’re my sis, my buddy
Feel our hood in the air
We are that sister flare (Oooh, ooooooh)
We are that sister flare!
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