Spark is a warrior princess and older sister of Duke. Soon to be wife of Authen and queen. She is protective and oh so proud of her younger brother. If anyone can give Duke a boost it's Spark.


Spark is the older sister of Duke and Zingling of Authen. Spark has always preferred to be alone. The only one she lets in is Duke. Authen tried to get her to like him but instead made her tempted. She is Loris’s second favorite child. She is polite, feisty, strong-hearted, acrobatic, fast, steely, and caring toward her closest family. Despite her being 114 in human years she’s only 19.


Spark was the first born in her family. Once Duke was born, she was happier than ever. Then her parents had disappeared and she was placed into the hands of Loris. Authen then felt a zing for her. Inside she felt it too, but Spark hated to admit it. Loris could count on her to lead the boys; trouble or not. One day Spark went to a play on a hill and saw females fighting against males in combat training. Spark asked Loris if she could train in combat too. But Loris said only guards and apprentices are allowed to train. So Authen gave up training for Spark. She got a B in stealth, an A in mental thinking, and an A+ in physical combat. In return for his generosity, she promised to marry him when she’s 126.






A rain blue dress, hazel eyes, long black hair, brown waste belt, pale skin, and a bow-staff


  • Spark resembles Stacy Thompson from Shorts
  • Spark and Authen are almost old enough to zing
  • The name Spark is an English baby name. In English the meaning of the name Spark is: Gallant.
  • Even when Spark was young she protected Duke
  • Spark is 18/in human 3 years older than Duke