This is originally the reprise to Be Prepared (Madness of Lord Eclipse). It takes place after Lord Eclipse tries to bribe Spark to marry him. Suddenly, Authen enters.

Prince Authen gets angry and guards Spark from Lord Eclipse's madness. Yet still, Lord Eclipse goes crazy and follows Spark begging her to choose him instead of Authen. In the act, he states the bad about Authen but good on him.

It was deleted and later replaced by Be Prepared (reprise)


Lord Eclipse:

Authen! Uh...I didn't see you there.
My, how you've grown---so big


Stand aside, Christakis. You need not bribe Spark. She's my zing.


True. But I am the ruler, so I make the rules. My first rule: If you haven't proposed to your zing you cannot marry. And I've already proposed to her.


You've gone nuts. Spark c'mon we're leaving.

(Authen motioning Spark as she follows)

Christakis: How dare you! Spark, come back!

Spark: No!


Grrr, see here. I am king, now. You listen to me. I am your only zing. Not that peasant!

Song Begins


His genesis is badly vile
In which would carry on to the child
So discontent in every state
Would you rather have him for a mate?
Come, my sweet Sparky. It's written to be and thus
We'll make our own brood of tiny us
Tell me I'm adored
Tell me I'm adored
Tell me...
I'm a-dored!


You can't fight it
You will glory me
You all will glory me