"The Changix" is a bonus song about the Changix robbery. A night on which they stole a baby and killed the parents. But really, the baby was Christakis and he was a man. They didn't steal him, Christakis came to them. Although they, including Christakis, stole an infant Prince Arte. In battle to retrieve Arte, King Blazer died.


12 years before a plot was placed
When Changix were the brutally aced
Whom ever left their locks unlaced
Would lose their children with no trace
But Changix

No dix

Mrs. and Mr. Goodfile
Left their baby for awhile
If you, parents, don't want their shocks
Make sure to bolt your doors and locks
From Changix

One night they went to a party spouse
The dad forget to secure the house
As soon as they drove far away
The Changix broke inside to sway
Poor baby!

Those demon Changix

Do not hesitate to secure
Our homes from them or they'll take you're
Children from their beds on a tour
Down in the darkness to obscure

The baby's parents came back by dawn
Only to see their child gone
Pity, but any that would leave
They went off quickly to retrieve
Their baby!

They searched and searched until they'd find
Their kid but a Changix snuck up behind
It grabbed them both and began to grind
Their bones till nothing's to be refined
Of parents

They pounded down into their cave
Never stopping to behave
They gathered limbs just to engrave
Careful when you're to be brave
To Changix

And that's the ending of the fairy tale
Don't leave your children to frail
If you see Changix never redeem them
Hunt them and ruthlessly cream them!

Beware the Changix
Beware the Changix
Beware the Changix!