We are one is based from Lion King II: Simba's pride. It takes place Lord Loris is trying to get his "adopted son" understand being the Guarder as a child. But Duke just can't get why being the Guarder is so important. It is sung right before That's my lullaby.


Loris: As you slip and turn through life
You will learn some fight and strife
For differences
And the people that entrain
Merely dismiss and explain, "That's how it is"

But you'll also learn that some
Never turn when danger's come
And they stand for others rights when there's none

Instead they don't retreat
But they get you to your feet
We are more when we stand we are one

Duke: If there's so much I must give
Can I at least be free live my own life span
Can't I be the Duke I am
Or am I just for cram according to plan

Loris: Even when I am gone
I'll be with you on and on
Your shade, your teacher, you're my son
Days of dark, days of light
The day you'll be there to fight
Is the day you will say we are one

Me and you, you and I
I'm your earth and you're my sky
A nation, a country begun

All the miracles you'll see
Stated in the prophecy
You'll fulfill when need be

We are one!