Swirly yes!
"You're Only Second Mate" is about Cocoon being put down and "into place" by Metamorphosis.


I'll admit your tricks
Of tracks and trades
Are abusing
I bet you've got a body under your sleeve
You're the beast in kids' closets
While their snoozing
Just beneath a bed?
Unlike you
I use my head!

You can try to hit me
With you're hardest stuff
But your weaponry
Just isn't enough
Don't mean to dictate
But it's no debate
You're only second mate!

You think your card's a winner
But I'm holding gun
You've got a lot to learn
To be number one
You can't accumulate
You're nothing but dead weight
You're only second mate!

Kids fear you
I smear you
Like a small stain
My lead is the need now
On Christel's vault
But if you're not so sure
I'm the golden child
Just give up your waive
Accept that I'm Christakis's fave

Go ahead and shove me
It won't leave a scratch
Put me in my place
Challenged to a match?
Lock me in a crate
But whatever the state
You're only second mate!

You know your boos and bangs
May be best for you
But you'll loose and swangs
And you've got no clue
Cookie do not hate
On me because I great
You're only second mate

C'mon Coon the clown
Care for another round
Now, now, don't feel fetter
Cause I don't need a rematch to prove I'M BETTER!

So savor you're your embarrassment
And I'll savor you all the harassment
I'd barely keep straight
Such differentiate
The judge is Christakis
Don't go down in prate
Afraid you're too late
Already took home plate
While you're second mate!