A zing is a feeling you get when you see your mate and feel something in your heart. The spark you feel in your heart is called a zing. Your zing is the mate of your life. So whatever happens you must keep your love alive. There are those you love you but don't feel a zing. These people are non-zingers. They are either your family or fakers.

A zing cannot be lied on nor broken, ever. If you have felt a zing you must do three easy steps. All must be in order exactly.


The age must be 126 (in human 21) years old in order to at least be a zingling. Although it may seem too much, it's not.

Step one

After you felt the zing and your 126 or over you now have a zingling. A zingling is like a fiancé. Your not married yet but your still on the steps for preparations.

You must sing a loving song to her/him called Zing. The lyrics are:


If I were king, zingy-zingy
You'd be my queen
Lavender blue, zingy-zingy
Lavender green
If you love me, zingy-zingy
For I'll love you


If I were queen, zingy-zingy
You'll be my king
Roses of love, zingy-zingy
Roses of zing
Don't fear if lost, zingy-zingy
I'll guide you home

Then you announce to everyone that he/she's you zingling. Those who are zinglings are under the protection of the Royal Government Operation until they marry.

Step two

Once you're done with step one, step two must take place. You both must spend the next three days planning your espousal. At the party everything must be based on each of your personalities. The Lad (in human groom) and Lady (in human bride) can wear their favorite clothes but must smell appealing to their zing. You also have to get the approval of the family.

Step three

On the espousal there are rules:

  • No flower girl
  • No ring
  • No vows
  • No preacher
  • No church
  • No music
  • Both family must sit together and mix on each side
  • Both Lad and Lady must show their faces at the espousal

Now once you have all those rules not broken. The Lad and Lady walk down the rug together. At the end they do the six movements in order.

  • Heads together: meaning think together
  • Nose together: meaning live together
  • Stomach together: meaning make together
  • Hands together: meaning work together
  • Eyes together: meaning stick together
  • And lips together: meaning stay together

Free steps

Afterwards the espousal is done the celebration begins. The couple dance, eat, talk, open gifts, and leave together. In between time they and the family and friends can take memory pictures. The parents get half and the couple get half. If it's an odd number the couple gets more. Then you are officially married.